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Age-Friendly Communities Survey

The Bonne Bay Cottage Hospital Heritage Corporation received an Age-Friendly Communities Planning Grant from the Department of Children, Seniors and Social Development to create Age-Friendly Plans for the towns of Norris Point and Rocky Harbour. These age-friendly plans will support the Town Plans and allow us to apply for future grants to support new initiatives. We have done background research and consulted with different groups in the towns. Now we are doing a survey to help us better understand how we can make our towns “age-friendly” for everyone. Please complete the survey and share your ideas. The link for on-line participation is below:

The deadline for completing the survey is December 15th.

What is an Age-Friendly Community?

According to the World Health Organization, an “Age-Friendly Community” is a community where the physical and social environment are designed to support and enable people of all ages to live in a secure environment, enjoy good health, and continue to participate fully in society.