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Audio Archive

Matthew Hornell

Interviewed by Gary Noel, Apr. 24, 2021.

Anna Guigne and Angie Payne

Interviewed by Shelly Kawaja, Nov. 26, 2020.

Wooden Boat Museum Boat Builders

Interviewed by Gene Bellows, May 20, 2017.

Musician David Essig

Interviewed by Gene Bellows, Aug. 24, 2016.

Skye Wallace Band After Concert

With Gene Bellows, May 5, 2016.

Musician Skye Wallace

Interviewed by Tom Cochrane.

Cedric Gavigon, Parks Canada Interpreter

Interviewed by Anita Best, Jul. 14, 2015.

Claire Lynch Band

With Gary Noel, May 20, 2015.

Writer Lawrence Hill

Interviewed by Mike and Kathy, Feb. 15, 2015.

Aaron Chase on his Long Range Mountains Experience

Interviewed by Anita Best, Sep. 26, 2014.

Morgan Davis

Interviewed by Gene Bellows, Aug. 2014.

Elaine Killpatrick and Nelson Giles

Interviewed by John Grant, Sep. 18, 2013.

Roy Payne and Sandra Glabb

Interviewed by Dorothy Payne, Jul. 19, 2012.

Bernie and his mule Polly

Interviewed by Dorothy Payne, Jul. 15, 2012.

Heather Elliott (Sierra Club) on Bay du Nord Project

Interviewed by Gary Noel, Mar. 24, 2022

The Likes of Jeff Pittman

Interviewed by Gary Noel, May 23, 2022

Urve Manuel

Urve Manuel, glass artist, talks about her much-admired glass ice-fishing hut, on display in the Discovery Centre during the Writers at Woody Point Festival


Darroch Whitttaker, Parks Ecologist, talks with Anita Best about spruce bud worm and feeding wildlife.


Jean Bédard, geologist with the Geological Survey of Canada, talks with Anita Best about an international field workshop held in Gros Morne in July, 2022.

Christine Faour

Interviewed by Mike Kathy Madigan, January 13, 2023