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All About On My Radar | Gary Noel

We asked Gary Noel to share what inspires him to create his twice weekly radio show, On My Radar. Here’s what he told us:

I’ve been interested in all kinds of music since I was a young teenager, curled up on my bed in the nighttime with a transistor radio pressed close to my ear, and turning the tuning dial to pick up radio stations as far away as New York City and, despite the static, enjoying whatever music was popular in those locations.

Fast forward several decades — through the vinyl, 8 track, cassette and CD years — and I’m still discovering so much great music, in so many genres, and now so much easier to find and access through the wonders of YouTube and digital streaming services. I get the chance to share a lot of these discoveries on my show On My Radar.

Each On My Radar episode is a musical theme. It could be an artist, a genre, an era, an event. It’s triggered by whatever happens to show up on my musical radar. Some recent themes have been the latest Music NL Award winners; the best of a recently passed artist, such as Shane MacGowan or Jimmy Buffett; Songs About Real People; or Songs About Travel.

On My Radar can be heard most Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1 pm NST (11:30 EST). Each week I post this week’s themes on the VOBB schedule at, and you can listen to the show at that website wherever you are in the world. And if you are in the Bonne Bay Area, we broadcast at 95.9 FM (Norris Point and Woody Point) and 98.1 FM ( Rocky Harbour). You can follow my FaceBook page (On My Radar), and I’d love your feedback, at Let me know what’s on YOUR radar. And thanks for listening!